jQuery Slider Plugins for Your Next Project

If you are a developer you do know the importance of jQuery plugins in modern web design and development, jQuery is a fast, feature enriched JavaScript library that helps you to optimize your websites in many ways.

Since jQuery can serve multiple purposes for you it can also display your photos, images, videos and content in an elegant style on your websites. jQuery Image Slider plugins allow you to showcase your images and videos in beautiful manner to deliver a visual stunning experience to your visitors.

Below you will find 20 Best jQuery Slider Plugins that will display your website content beautifully and help you to grab the user attentions.

1. Paradise Slider

paradise slider
Paradise Slider is responsive slider with touch enabled function. This slider is easy to customize and you can create new layouts by combining these pre-made layouts.

2. TouchSlider

TouchSlider is a lightweight javascript component to create sliding effect for mobile and PC.

3. ajSlider


ajSlider is a jQuery slideshow plugin which can be used as the main banner for your webpages or as a image gallery which fits into user defined sizes.

4. Pointy Slider

Pointy Slider is a simple, responsive slider, with a sharp design and an interesting motion effect: with each new slide item, a sliding-in block of content covers the old one, and unveils a new image.

5. uniqSlider

uniqu slider
uniqSlider is one of the best full-width responsive slider with unique features. UniqSlider offers 32 unique slide transitions and introduces “reveal effect” which makes it different from other sliders.

6. Ideal Image Slider

ideal image slider
Ideal Image Slider is a simple slider that has just the right amount of features, with no bloat and be easy to extend so that more features can be added as “extensions”.

7. Round Slider

Round Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows the user to select a value or range of values. Not only a round slider it supports the quarter, half and pie circle shapes also.

8. Quick Slider

quick slider
Quick Slider is easy to use jQuery plugin that allows you to make image galleries or photo sliders. Plugin supports 5 different layouts and 3 animation types. Designed to be easily integrated to any project with any development approach, SPA or classic.

9. Zenith

zenith slider
Zenith is responsive slider jquery plugin that comes in 4 basic layouts and 7 transition animation available. 4-th layout, or slider layout, has some variations of it’s own, producing 3 more pre-defined sub-layouts and unlimited possibilities of styling, editing and creating some of your own variations. You can edit some HTML, and add that markup by passing it’s elements classes or id’s to the options when initializing zenith.

10. CardSlider

card slider
CardSlider is a responsive CSS3 3D Card-Style jQuery slider plugin which get inspiration from FWA landing page’s awesome slider.It can make images in to 3d card-style and animate them use CSS 3D transforms and CSS animations.

11. jcSlider

A responsive slider jQuery plugin with CSS animations.This plugin does not use jQuery animations. Only CSS3, because performance matters. No need to calculate distances, sizes or whatever, only add and remove classes to elements to animate them. It couldn’t be easier!

12. Pogo Slider

pogo slider
Pogo Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create animated image/content sliders. CSS animations are used to transition between slides. A CSS animation can be triggered on element within a slide, after the slide transitions in, and as the slide transitions out.

13. Motion Slider

motion slider
Motion Slider is a responsive jQuery slider plugin for mobile and desktop that enables multi-transition and browser prefix free CSS animation to your HTML DOM elements

14. jQuery Diagonal Slider

diagonal slider
jQuery plugin to create a Diagonal Slider. The diagonal image slider works like an accordion that when you mouse hover it expand each image. Also you can add a title to the image to give a brief description.

15. Slidea

Slidea by Pixobyte is a super fast and intuitive multi-purpose content slider which completely leaves the competition behind. Built on the jQuery, VelocityJS and Animus animation framework, the slider was developed to offer the ultimate motion design experience.

16. AZSlider

az slider
AZSlider is a quality-designed content and image slider harnessing the power of HTML5 and the control of CSS3. AZSlider contains everything you need to build a modern, eye catching slider for your website. It’s fully responsive and multi-device friendly with touch swipe navigation in iOS and Android.

17. jFormslider

jFormslider is a jquery plugin where we can convert a big form in to a slider Form should be in ul li format.This plugin will transform a big Registration Form,Forms with many fields etc into a slider with next,back,submit buttons etc.

18. Cloud Slider

cloud slider
Cloud Slider is a responsive jQuery slider plugin. It supports many features like: fully responsive, touch enabled, smooth layered animation, 2d & 3d transitions, 18 easily customizable built-in skins, unlimited 2d & 3d carousels and category carousel(multi carousel in a slider), ken-burns effect, video embedding and powerfulAPIs.

19. miSlider

Multi-item Slider or miSlider is an open-source jQuery slider plugin specifically designed for displaying multiple images or slides of content. The slider can be configured to display one slide at a time, as many slides as possible or anything in between.

20. XProSlider

XProSlider is professionally tailored slider control. It is easy to implement and offers limited and targeted set of features at its best with highest quality and performance. XProSlider is versatile, multi modes, can be implemented as a slider, a scroller/carousel or a gallery. It is control to enhance your website whether as website banner, picture or video gallery, news carousel or RSS news scroller.

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